Being Content 15 May 2014

In a time in South Africa when there is great disparity between those who have and those who don't; whether it be we

Creative Therapies 08 Apr 2014

Not all of counselling that is therapeutic and beneficial to the client needs to be navigated through the use of words or conversation only.

Perfectionism 24 Feb 2014

Some of us may see perfectionism as having high standards that push us to achieve our best.

New Year's Resolutions 16 Jan 2014

With the New Year already underway, those that have made new year's resolutions may already be finding that they are struggling to keep those resolutions.

16 Days of Activism 04 Dec 2013

We are already half way through the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children. If you are wondering exactly what it's about and how to be involved even at this stage read the following.

5 Things couples should stop doing 21 Nov 2013

1. Not being present when spending time with each other

Your Teen and Social Networking 15 Oct 2013

The world has changed much since those of us with teenage children were teens ourselves. What has not changed is that teens need to be part of, and connected to, a peer group; just like teens before them.  Being part of a peer group is necessary for healthy development.

The "good enough" parent by Lara Salzwedel 10 Sep 2013

"Good enough" parenting is a concept introduced to the field of parenting by the British Psychoanalyst, D. W. Winnicott. Many of his theories were more about the normal rather than the abnormal.

Chronic Pain: The Psychological Effects 06 Aug 2013

While some of us may have no experience of chronic pain ourselves there are thousands of people world wid

Common problems in marriages 02 Jul 2013

These are by no means a complete set of reasons why problems may exist in a marriage, merely four possible reasons for problems in a marriage. Keep in mind that counselling is always an option to consider when trying to resolve marriage problems before a relationship is dissolved.