Child Sexual Abuse 07 Feb 2013

With current news headlines being rife about violence and abuse towards women and children I decided to focus on the subject of how to engage our children on the subject of child sexua

Two "F" words 05 Feb 2013

Fear is an emotion and fear is real. We have all experienced fear at different times in our lives due to different stimuli.

Codependency 01 Feb 2013

"Codependency" is a word many of us have heard used but are not always sure as to what it means.

A Smile 25 Jan 2013

Evidently, your brain precieves someone staring at you as a threat, hence why we feel uncomfortable when someone does. A genuine smile from the staring person can eliminate this feeling, Our brain's can also usually tell which is a real smile and a fake smile.

Meme? Memetics? 22 Jan 2013


Teen Depression 18 Jan 2013

More and more cases of teenage depression are currently being reported. Parents often expect their adolescent children to be moody and may overlook the signs, however this is a condition that needs promp and appropriate treatment.

The teen brain 16 Jan 2013

Research done by pediatric neurologist Frances Jensen, because of her own experiences of her teenagers, led her to the following discoveries:

Teenage Brains Are Different to Adults:

Left or right hemisphere? 15 Jan 2013

I just this morning read an interesting tip related to being right or left hemisphere dominant by a life coach, Tim Brownsen, from his article titled " 70 Amazing facts about your brain . . . ".

Considering ourselves 01 Jan 2013

Thinking of a new year ahead of us I came across this poster put together by a graphic design student based on the words of Gandhi (