I work with children aged 3 years and up displaying emotional or behavioural difficulties. Younger children often require a form of therapy that is less verbally intense, such as play therapy. Play therapy is suited to the younger children where toys are a childs "words" and play is their "language".  

When working with children, depending on their age, I begin the counselling process using the non-directive techniques such as play therapy and sandtray (see Sandtray tab). As the relationship is built, depending on the childs age, and where I may find it necessary, I may move to more directive techniques.

Before I begin sessions with a child I do require an initial session with the parents or guardians in order to get input on their perception of the problem and to understand the child's history. The parents or guardians are involved in feedback sessions so that they can be part of the answer in helping a child with emotional or behavioural difficulties. Education in parenting techniques is given during the feedback sessions.

There may be occasions where it is necessary to communicate with a child's school or teacher. Where assessment for remedial issues is required (or the possibility of any other pathology) I will refer to the appropriate registered professional.


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