Book: I am Loved by Lara Salzwedel

Book: I am Loved by Lara Salzwedel

I have recently attempted my first, full colour, children's book, which is therapeutic by nature. It covers themes of abandonment, grief, anger, and sadness in children who find themselves in difficult family environments. To quote the foreword to parents or caregivers:

"As parents or caregivers it is possible that we do not always know how to effectively deal with our own difficult emotions. We may struggle to assist our children as we see them struggle with their own negative emotions.  This story will hopefully help both parents and children, and encourage conversation about emotional struggles.

This story recognises that life is not always easy and that family structures can be messy and difficult to navigate.  It acknowledges that these situations can bring with them negative emotions such as anger, sadness, grief, and a sense of abandonment, and that these emotions are valid; that these feelings do not exist in isolation and that positive outcomes can be found in difficult contexts through love and support. Positive emotions should be acknowledged without denying negative emotions.

It is my hope that parents and children alike will find hope and empowerment through this story."

The book is available on Amazon at, or can be bought directly from me in a PDF format. Please contact me should you have any questions regarding the book.