Bullying 26 May 2013

In this "Child Protection Week" (27th May - 2nd June) I have decided to focus on bullying, a very real problem in our schools and amongst our children and teens. It can have far reaching and even devastating consequences.

Green with envy 22 May 2013

We may be familiar with the idiom "He/she is green with envy" or have heard the reference to the "green eyed monster", however do we really understand the emotion of  envy?

Emotional Triggers 02 May 2013

An emotional trigger is an internal emotional response, often accompanied by a pattern of behaviour, to an external stressor or event. We can be triggered by positive and negative events/stressors, experiencing both positive or negative emotions.

You are more beautiful than you think . . . 21 Apr 2013

This video is part of a recent campaign by Dove, who for a while now has been promoting the idea of women and their natural beauty.

AUTISM 08 Apr 2013

Due to the fact that the 2nd of April (this past week) was World Autism Day I thought it would be good to post a little information on autism.

Saying 'NO' 19 Mar 2013

For certain personality types the word "no" is seldom used, and if used, carries the heavy burden of guilt for letting another down or not living up to other's expectations.

Forgiveness 03 Mar 2013

This last week has lead me to considering forgiveness.

A survival instinct 25 Feb 2013

According to an article by David Rock on "SCARF: a brain-based model for collaborating with and influencing others" for the NeuroLeadership Journal 2008, "minimise danger and maximise reward"  is an overarching, organising principl

Emotional abuse 13 Feb 2013

Along the lines of the previous two postings, today's blog deals with emotional abuse which is largely overlooked but the damage and emotional/psychological wounding it causes is as profound as any other abuse.

Rape 08 Feb 2013

Again because of the news headlines today and the focus on the trauma and tradgedy of rape here is information on what rape is and what to do after a person has been raped.